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Sign up for a free loyalty account with Savoy Cinemas to earn points on your purchases.  Savoy Loyalty is a points-based rewards system, and points collected can be spent in the venue. 

Each £1 spent earns 5 points and can be spent on tickets or food and beverage. Please scroll down for full terms and conditions. 

To create an account, go here, or log into an existing account here

Product Redemption Structure

Product Price Redemption pts
Prosecco £6.00 600
Large Ice Blast £5.15 515
Footlong Hotdog £5.15 515
Large Nachos £5.30 530
Candy King Large £5.20 520
Large Popcorn £4.50 450
Large soft drink (pepsi) £4.20 420
Medium Ice Blast £4.15 415
Medium popcorn £4.15 415
Nachos £4.15 415
Hotdog £4.15 415
Large soft drink £3.95 395
Candy King Small £3.95 395
Wine £3.95 395
Beer £3.95 395
Cider £3.95 395
Medium soft drink (pepsi) £3.70 370
Small Ice Blast £3.65 365
Toffee Popcorn £3.60 360
Medium soft drink £3.45 345
Ice Cream 2 scoop £3.95 395
Krax £3.65 365
Small popcorn £3.25 325
Small soft drink (pepsi) £3.15 315
Mars Bag £3.10 310
Small soft drink £2.95 295
Hot Drink large £2.80 280
Ice Cream 1 scoop £2.75 275
Tea large £2.50 250
Hot Drink small £2.30 230
Oasis £2.50 250
Milkshake £2.50 250
Tea small £2.00 200
Fruit Shoot £1.80 180
Pringles £1.60 160
Water £1.30 130
Family £16.50 1650
Couples £12.49 1249
Large £7.75 775
Hotdog £7.70 770
Krax £7.15 715
Nacho £6.70 670
Pouch £5.60 560
Trio Tray £5.50 550


  • The card MUST be presented (or account logged in to if you're making an online booking) at the time of the transaction as no points can be added at a later time.
  • Savoy Loyalty Cards are only for customers aged 16 years or older.
  • Only currently valid at the Savoy Cinema in Grantham.
  • 5 points will be awarded for every full £1 spent on tickets or food.
  • No points will be awarded on sales of Gift Vouchers.
  • Cards must be registered to an account on before points can be redeemed.
  • Only one card can be in current use per account.
  • Points can only be redeemed against the full cash value of an item.Points have no inherent value and therefore cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The cards remain the property of Savoy Cinemas Limited and should be surrendered on request.
  • We reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions at any point, up to and including changing the number of points issued or the complete withdrawal of the service, at any time.
  • In the event of a complete withdrawal of service, no compensation will be made with regards to lost points.
  • Savoy Cinemas may, from time to time, provide bonus points to its customers. Unless otherwise specified, the bonus points apply to a single customer transaction and can only be earned once during the promotional period. For instance, if we offer 200 bonus points during a promotion, you can collect them only once, regardless of how many visits or tickets you purchase.
  • Bonus Points are added to the account at the end of the promotion period.


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